Lantern Introduction

2012 Shanghai International Lantern Festival Introduction

” 2012 Shanghai International Lantern Festival ” will be held September 5 – October 14 at the Lu Xun Park , a period of 40 days . This is the first time in 20 years , a large lantern events held again in Hongkou District . Lantern Festival theme is ” harmony, blend, and development” , and strive together ” new achievements in scientific development , urban construction of new impressions , new cultural and creative embodied ” the three aspects , to build international cultural metropolis Shanghai exchanges demonstrate the new platform.

The Lantern Festival by the Shanghai Civilization guide, Shanghai Wenguang Bureau , Hongkou District Government, Shanghai International Cultural Communication Association , Xinmin Evening News co-sponsored Shanghai Tarkett Culture, Media Center, Shanghai Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. Shanghai Museum , Shanghai long-term Group, the contractor , culture Co., Ltd. Zigong Lantern promote production and get the Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions , the Youth League , the Shanghai Association for friendship with Foreign Countries , CIIC Shanghai , the new cloud media and other support units .

Lantern Festival is divided into three zones : International exhibition : the 2012 London Olympics , South Korea drums , the Eiffel Tower , surrounded by the typical image of Buddha and other foreign theme designed lantern, lanterns tourists going abroad so that you can appreciate the beautiful world scenery. 2 , China Pavilion : to God nine flying, Great Wall , Oriental dragon , glamor Shanghai featuring representatives , to show China ‘s unique scenery and the charm of Shanghai style. 3 , Activity interactive exhibition: to play a distinctive interactive nature of vision , so that visitors can participate in the lamps which , especially for children’s interactive light group , you can let the kids feel the many classic stories and scenes. Multi-zone design highlights the Shanghai culture, also showed Shanghai cultural diversity and inclusiveness.

52 very large group from Zigong lantern , all with handmade Sizha within a transparent , color separation wall paper and other production processes , the introduction of sound, light , electricity and other high-tech performance practices , but also use the cocoon , porcelain, glass vials etc. green, environmental protection , energy-saving materials. The biggest highlight of the International Lantern Festival is over 200 meters long and weighs 50 tons, with nearly 100,000 kinds of porcelain made ??of “Oriental porcelain dragon .” This giant porcelain dragon lantern by participating in many international produced more than 150 craftsmen to daily porcelain tableware cups, plates , bowls, cup, spoon, plate , through imaginative hand- tied together, leading to about swing , dragon mouth can spit smoke, Dragon chasing light , Wan Yan turns. Oriental porcelain dragon will then challenge the Guinness Book of World Records .