Concern microblogging site concerned, concerned about the scene, reward tickets every day

festivalFriends of Bo: Thanks for your interest and participation in 2012 Shanghai International Lantern first sweepstakes, just Sina Weibo has nearly 800 participants from a sample of 15 winners, we will promptly inform the award way. Thank you for the participation of bloggers, from now on, will launch a new participatory approach, the basic approach is to extract 10 per day, per person, two tickets, awarding the day, the specific modalities of participation will be announced later, please participate.

Thank you very much for your participation in this interview. We will ask you questions about the customs in your country of origin. In this case, we are interested in your opinion , how common a certain way of social behavior in the country of your origin .

Please read each of the following questions and vote how often described behavior has mesto in your country of origin. Please mark the number from 1 to 7, which corresponds to your opinion : 1 means that this behavior has no place in your country of origin , 7 means that this behavior is always a place in your country of origin. To help you complete this interview , we wrote under the numbers of their value . Continue reading

Lit hope, love filled River – my first lesson

festivalCIIC Shanghai white-collar youth volunteer corps invite you to join my first class school volunteer ranks. Help us maintain order at the scene , security control, disseminating information gift , receive guests, consulting , etc. …… spread love , pay a sweat , with the voluntary service and the children who attended the first day spent together !

Time: Dec 9 15:00-21:00
Location: Shanghai Lu Xun Park
Volunteer Registration: please send an email to register , your name, company , telephone number, e-mail address to send to ( specify volunteer registration ) . We will provide each volunteer T-shirt , were served.

Theme: borrow ” 2012 Shanghai International Lantern ,” the first event on the occasion , to carry out special family child care Shanghai themed events . Activities in the form of children’s favorite garden , beautiful landscape lighting , cordial and harmonious theme atmosphere, Continue reading

Shot two-dimensional code, to win the International Lantern Festival Tickets

festival2012 Shanghai International Lantern Festival tickets, 500 community advertising spot waiting for you to shoot! Open APP pat community Lightbox dimensional code, you can get two tickets for $ 100 worth of light Oh! Recently day Gan Qishuang, it is his family travel, family and friends get-together a good season, and quickly shot up now! [Forward & Friends @ Sa also have the opportunity to get tickets, oh! ?

Traditional delicacies Spring Festival

During the Spring Festival , people still like the traditional food , because all are confident that it will attract all the luck , this is the influence of traditional Chinese culture on food habits .

Dumplings : Dumplings usually cook up to 12 hours at night on December 30 of the lunar calendar , and people eat dumplings exactly 12 hours, it is just the beginning of the first day of the new year, it is set to ” farewell to the old and the meeting with the new “, ” joyful reunion ” Continue reading